Sunny’s Pedigree



Kroellers Australian Sun

21 Mar 2012

Keep Smiling's TicToc The Croc DNA-CP

29 Nov 2008

Malpaso's Timber of Los Suenos DNA-VP

22 Apr 2005

CH Malpaso's Chaps'n Spurs DNA-VP

13 Jan 2003

CH Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin

Hey You! of Imagineer DNA-VP

CH Los Suenos Walk of Fame DNA-VP
13 Mar 1999

CH Zuzax's Coupzax DNA-CP

CH Private Stoc's Maclovia DNA-CP

J.W.Kira of Miriquidi
18 Mar 2003

High Rails Classic Canadian DNA-CP
25 Jan 1998

CH McDuff of Windermere

Carolina's Hope ´n Deliverance

Touchstone Luck Be-A Lady
13 Oct 2000

CH Artistics it had to be Fate DNA-VP

Overland Bonny Be Good DNA-CP

Mighty Crown's Flash Dance DNA-CP

31 Jul 2004

Ironhorse Return of the Storm DNA-VP
04 Sep 2000

Weekend Warrior of Ironhorse DNA-CP
02 Apr 1993

Tuxedo Charlie of Ironhorse DNA-CP

Red Banks Clay Basket

CH Lil Deuce Coupe of Ironhorse DNA-VP
17 Mar 1997

Patriot Games of Ironhorse DNA-CP

Summertime-Sohapy TZ Sundown DNA-CP

Rosebud of Crana's First Choice DNA-VP
19 Sep 2000

CH Prizm's Inside Track DNA-CP
22 Jun 1994

Prizm's Hyperformance

CH Propwash Marshmallow Pies

Bearfoots Virtual Reality DNA-CP
10 Mar 1995

CH Most Happy Fella of Royal Blue

Bearfoots Truely Persuasive



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