Pixie’s Pedigree



Rhine River’s Pretty as a Picture


21 Aug 2013

Monreal’s Earthquake “BamBam”


04 Dec 2011

Nelken’s Grand Duke


18 Nov 2004

Jipsinger Othello

25 May 2001

Some Kind of Magic Moondancer

Kizoku Indira Jipsinger 

Kaleidoscope Amazing Grace

05 Jul 2001

Bluestems Man-O-Firethorne

Cameo Diamond Talisman

Guardian Angel’s Best 4 You


09 Nov 2007

Legends Smok’n Brasados Nitani

17 May 2002

Legends RX 4 Success

Ferncroft’s Ball of Fire

Guardian Angel’s Honeymoon

03 Jul 2005

Guardian Angel’s Black Malu

Gefion’s Scotch Witch

Monreal’s Dark Beauty “Ivy”


19 Jun 2011

Excellent Choice Earth Wind


22 Jun 2006

Breezyoaks Blue by Acura

09 Dec 2001

McMatt’s Legend of Mill Creek

Suncatcher’s Jasmine Count Me-N

Energie’s Exclusive Touch

27 Mar 2001

Moonshine’s Michelob Light

Rosebud of Crana’s Attractione

T-Jag’s Ropin Bluz


10 Jan 2009

Overland Doc Holiday at T-Jags

10 Nov 2006

Wolfcreek’s Painted Warrior

Overlands Dream Weaver

River Runs Rubi Red

21 Mar 2004

Leb Raah Enhancing Watermark

Leb Raah Romancing Watermark

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