Quinnie's Untersuchungsergebnisse:


HD: A1 (frei, Dr. Witteborg)

ED: Grad 0 (frei, Dr. Witteborg)

OCD: frei (Dr. Witteborg)




Kiefer: korrekt, vollzahnig


MDR1: +/- (frei, Träger)

HSF4: frei

CEA: frei

PRA: frei

DM: frei

NCL: frei

MH: frei


M-Lokus: m/m


Augen: frei


COI: 7,85% (auf 10 Generationen)



Sorry for not having this website in English. But all English speaking Aussie fanciers from around the world are very welcome. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! ;)


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